As part of department improvement heads of department are asked if there are any resources which would help to improve the teaching and learning within their department (along with the justification). The answer from several departments has naturally been tablet computers and whilst we have a couple of small group work sets within school I would not say they are currently used proficiently or to their full capacity.

I understand how tablets can be used in small group work, as aid to research and using a number of specialised apps. What am trying to get my head around how tablets can work well in larger groups, effectively being used as an alternative to traditional computers/laptops to support teaching and learning.

I wondered if there was anyone in the midlands area (or possibly slightly further afield) using tablets in these kind of scenarios who would be happy for myself and a colleague to visit and see the tablets in use, possibly speak to a few of the teachers using it within lessons and get an idea of how it is improving students education.

Also, if anyone is running a 1:1 tablet/laptop program and would similarly be happy to host us that would be fantastic.


Ps. We would be quite happy to return the favor to schools in any way we could (we have a virtualised server infrastructure, self hosted and setup VLE and self hosted and setup website we would be happy to demonstrate if it was of any use)