Hi all thanks in anticipation for any advise

One thing that keeps creeping up is the idea of a mobile device for all teachers so they can access student progress information at events like parents evening, enrolment and so on. We have an in-house front-end to our MIS so all they need is web browser access. A few teachers have already done this at open evenings with their own devices. We're also trialling a couple of different tablets; Samsung tab, ipad, dell win8 tablet

We have enough laptops in stock to distribute but power charging would be a nightmare as well as removing from cabinets all over the site and then moving back again.

I'm also concerned about the habit of giving teachers a device for one evening that they never learn or grow confident using so it ends up being wasted.

My ideal would be a mobile device with a long battery life that teachers can have ownership with. Obviously this is going to get expensive but I like to start with the ideal solution and then water it down.

I've been thinking as well of e-ink displays, e.g a Kindle touch. I need to more thoroughly check the websites work but this might be a cheaper and good-battery type solution.

Does anyone do anything similar? Any thoughts?