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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, You don't get fired for buying IBM in Technical; Originally Posted by laserblazer This is used to be a common refrain when the myriad of cheap and cheerful compatible ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by laserblazer View Post
    This is used to be a common refrain when the myriad of cheap and cheerful compatible machines started to hit the market. I have been tasked to come up with a tablet recommendation by the beginning of next week. I've no idea what the budget is or how they will be used. I've just bought myself a Hudl fro Tesco and I'm really impressed with it. With the Tesco rubbish taken off, I'm sure it could be a contender but I'm hearing stories about teething problems. So, I'm think I'll adopt the same strategy and say "You don't get fired for buying iPads".
    You really need to go back to the boss and get the vital information that you are sorely lacking:

    (1) What do you intend to use them for (i.e. for who, what, where, when, and why)?

    (2) How many are needed and what is the budget?

    Depending on the answer, you will have several possible best choices such as:

    (1) iPads or iPad Minis - The top choice if you want a great tablet experience including the best selection of apps. There is a lot of excellent information and tools (free and paid) for deploying and managing them as well as using them in the classroom. You will find the most support and ideas available for the iPads as they are the most widely used. In most cases, you are right that few will question your recommendation being an iPad.

    (2) Android - If you have a smaller budget or have a strong distaste for all things Apple - as SYNACK does - then Android is a reasonable choice as long as you're careful. I would avoid the Tesco or Aldi, or any other uber cheap Android tablet. You'll find commercial support non-existent and very little info in the community in deploying or managing them. You will also likely be left in the lurch for future Android OS versions, and the crapware on them is another bonus. If you're going to go with Android, you'd be best to stick with the Nexus line as they are pure Android with great build quality and support. Deployment and management is easier as well. Second choice would be Samsung.

    (3) Surface - If you're a pure Windows shop and everyone will just pester you and moan about not being able to do exactly the same thing they can do on their PC, then the Surface 2 Pro is a strong candidate. They will cost you a pretty penny though and in the end you just have to wonder whether buying some cheaper touchscreen Windows 8.1 laptops wouldn't be a better solution, but without knowing the actual requirements or budget - who knows.

    (4) Chromebook - if you find out that what they really want is just a netbook replacement, the Chromebooks from Samsung or HP do a pretty good job of that at a great price point. Especially if you are already using Google Apps.

    To reiterate, find out what is needed, how much you have to spend, stay away from the cheap junk and buy gear from trusted companies (in tablets) that you can get support and community assistance for. That's what the "nobody ever gets fired for buying IBM" mantra was really all about.

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    Given how useful and usable my new Windows Phone is I would seriously be looking at Windows Tablets.

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