Help please

We have just bought 15 ipads and a mac mini server to manage them

We have got apple config working and can get them to a basic config but when we then try and modify them thru profile manager they just will not talk to server or server talk to them

We have a Enrollment certificate and all that it just hangs when trying to push anything out to them

the mac server is called macserver.local and is not on any domains.
I have a dns forward macserver.local to ip but it seems to me it is when the ipads are trying to get to http:// or https://macserver.local that it freezes.

So I thought that I would do a pac file so that I can exclude macserver.local from proxy and go DIRECT but it does not work
copy of pac file follows

it works in that the DIRECT element goes to macserver.local

but proxy bit does not work. My pc just hangs

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
// variable strings to return
var proxy_yes = “PROXY;
var proxy_no = “DIRECT”;
if (shExpMatch(url, “*.macserver.local*”)) { return proxy_no; }

// Anything else use the proxy
return “PROXY"

Any help on this please