Just upgraded my wife's phone and migrating stuff across. Horrified to find some of the things that she's been keeping with no kind of protection at all - both data which isn't backed up anywhere and stuff that would be bad for someone else to get access to.

New phone is Nexus 4.

I'm making progress: the phone has remote wipe enabled, her webmail is now using K9 client also syncing with Outlook 2013, contacts and calendar with Outlook.com (syncing with phone calendar and people apps and Outlook client), but need something for notes she keeps. I have encrypted the phone and read this article about Google Drive now being encrypted. Does this mean that if we use Google Keep, there is a reasonable level of security? I need an app which just opens and lets her makes notes - like most users, if I make it too difficult, she'll find an easier, but less secure method. I'm not talking official secrets act stuff and it doesn't have to be cloud based storage - backing up to her pc automatically over wifi or Bluetooth would be fine. Connecting via USB wouldn't that was available before and wasn't ever done.

If Google Keep is not good, can you recommend an alternative?