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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, Do you need a screen protector and recommendations? in Technical; So, Nexus 4 arrived yesterday (yeh). It's my wife's (boo) and I'm trying to decide whether it really needs a ...
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    Do you need a screen protector and recommendations?

    So, Nexus 4 arrived yesterday (yeh). It's my wife's (boo) and I'm trying to decide whether it really needs a screen protector. (She's better at looking after things than I am.) I was (for me) exceptionally organised and had bought a screen protector in advance and fitted it straight out of the packet, so the screen was immaculate when it was fitted, so no dust, bubbles or smears, but it's definitely not as good as the naked screen, both image wise and feel. It feel plasticky and there's extra drag compared to the glass.

    Is it really needed? Particularly interested in any experiences of keeping phones in handbags, as that's where it's likely to live... The Nexus has Gorilla glass, so presumably information from iPhone and other phones smartphones is relevant.

    If you do have a screen protector, have you found a good one? Not keen on a flip style case, as it will be used as a satnav every day.

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    I have an S3, which has Gorilla glass (I believe), had it a good few months, it's only ever lived on the side or in my pocket (with nothing else in there to scratch it) and it's got two small scratches that you really have to look for to even see... So it's her call I suppose.

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    Well my iPhone has a rubber case which just stands slightly taller than the face of the phone. I noticed one scratch on the screen the other day but I have had this phone, hmm, about 8-10 months? More actually, pretty much since iPhone 5 release.

    The glass is scratch resistant and it is pretty good at it's job from what I can tell. And it is usually in my pockets, or handbag (where yes, I do just chuck it in :-/ )

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