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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, Apple Configurator Issues in Technical; Hi I finally did my first install using Configurator last week (i got a load of useful info from guys ...
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    Apple Configurator Issues


    I finally did my first install using Configurator last week (i got a load of useful info from guys on here to help me through the process thanks!) overall i've been quite pleased with how it works and it makes deploying apps and a master image a doddle compared to how i was doing it, there's just a couple of things i haven't cracked yet if anyone has come across these issues to help pls....

    1. I've bought 31 licences for the paid apps i want, used one code to redeem in iTunes and imported it into Configurator. When i imported the spreadsheet i noticed it wouldn't use the code i'd used in iTunes ("unable to redeem code with iTunes store") so re-downloaded the spreadsheet and re-imported it but still the same. I've deleted the app and added it again and the assigned codes automatically appeared but importing the spreadsheet again hasn't made a difference... i've checked that the mac is authorised with the ID in iTunes and rebooted etc but no difference. For now i've just bought an extra copy of the app but i'm sure it should let you use the code you've used to download the app with?

    2. I've created a base profile with just the wifi settings in which has got them connected to the net and then trying to add the Meraki profile to them. When i first apply the profiles about half of them fail with installing the Meraki one but if i keep refreshing them or do them individually it does it eventually, is this just AC being temperamental or is there a different way to make sure it installs when they all refresh?

    3. Lastly, I'm running AC on a Mac mini, never used one before and its only being used to set the iPads up, i've set it up as a stand alone but i need some form of backup for it. Is it worth using the Time Machine utility for this or can it be linked to a windows server backup, or any other suggestion if you use something different?


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    Hi there, welcome to the confusing and poorly documented world of Apple (you can tell I'm a fan), right to business:

    1. here's a trick to this and you have almost done it. You download the spreadsheet and take one code to download the app, once the app is downlaoded go back to VPP and download the spreadsheet again and you will noice it has marked a code used (this is correct and right). with the new spreadsheet with the used coe import the downloaded app and its new spreadsheet. It will recognise you have used a code to get the app into Appe congurator and allow you to reuse it. Silly I know but took some googling before figuring it out.

    2.When it comes to Meraki check proxy to make sure it isnt blocking anything meraki needs. Someone around here had all the required settings that need to be allowed. I have them wrote down at work if you want them. If its not that then it could be temperamental, I actally gave up with Meraki as I couldnt get t working as well as I liked and word of warning. Pushing purchased apps through Meraki does not allow you to reassign the app to another iPad like you can with Configurator and supervised devices. (if you want more info just ask)

    3.Never looked at using a windows backup solution but thinking about it and the way the Mac's file system is laid out I think it will be more hassle then its worth. Your best bet is using time machine and either backing up to another drive in the mini (if you have one) an external USB drive (around 50gb a full backup is on one of myMacBook Pros I use for Configurator but its full of apps) or using a NAS box as a time machine backup (QNAP and NetGears have this capability and are straight forward to setup).

    Anything else you need clarifying or any other questions I'll be glad to help.

    (ps I'm tired so any spelling mistake please ignore)

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