Poll: What do you use to manage your iPads?

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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, Third party mdm vs Apple Server (Profile manager) in Technical; Hi Guys, Just wondering what peoples opinions are on the best way to manage iPads? Using a third party mdm ...
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    Third party mdm vs Apple Server (Profile manager)

    Hi Guys,

    Just wondering what peoples opinions are on the best way to manage iPads? Using a third party mdm solution like light speed, maas360 or meraki compared to running an Apple server with Apple Configurator and profile manager on? What do you use? What do you use it for?

    Just on a side note is anyone using owncloud with iPads? If so how is it working for you?


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    It all depends on how many iPads you are planning for or using;

    A Mac Server has only basic device management in Profile Management, does not integrate with Apple VPP and requires open ports to connect to Apple's Push Notification Server, you need a signed Cert from a CA

    If the devices are being shared in classroom groups then the best way would be Apple Configurator, this is the only current solution that lets the school retain ownership of content (apps)

    All other MDM solutions let you manage your devices across your network, pushing out apps to these howvere require an Apple ID to install them, meaning you have to treat content.apps as consumables Lightspeed/Meraki/mass360 MDM

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