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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, iPad Set-up (How does your School handle them?) in Technical; I am currently an Apprentice in a Primary School. At the moment the iPads at my School aren't being used ...
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    iPad Set-up (How does your School handle them?)

    I am currently an Apprentice in a Primary School. At the moment the iPads at my School aren't being used as much or configured well.
    This is partly due to how they're managed (Procedures to use the iPads, iPads not being on charge, and little things like that..)

    I also have a problem with them getting full fast due to the teachers recording video and taking pictures with them.
    So I'm just looking for some insight on how other schools handle them. (Where they are stored, how you go about keeping iOS up to date, do you use an Apple Configurator or w.e its called, do you back them up, etc...)

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    Secondary School here , roughly 49ish devices.

    • Configuration of iPads using Apple Configurator to apply trust certificates and to "supervise" the device.
      • Configuration also includes installing Paid Apps

    • Enrolment into Profile Manager MDM (Built into OS X Server)
    • Restrictions and Free Apps pushed OTA via MDM
    • Individual device restrictions applied also in the Settings Menu to lock down Accounts, Location Settings, etc.

    I also like to check up on them from time to time, as I worked hard on getting stuff right.

    For Paid App deployment AFTER configuration, I have to plug each one in and install from Configurator, but it also gives me an opportunity to update the apps and remove all the photos and videos.

    Regarding storage, We have an iPad trolley (x2) from ICT Direct.
    Regarding iOS updates, It wont get through our firewall - So i plug them in and use iTunes.
    Regarding backups, we never bother as its so easy to build a new one from scratch.

    If you need any help at all, PM me
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    Up to now I have used Apple Configurator and iTunes to install Apps, profiles and updates on our iPads. However I am thinking of Supervising them over the summer holiday. What are the differences of Supervising them and Using Profile Manager on Mountain Lion?

    Is Supervising purely for App Deployment and Profile Manager to lock them down? not sure if I need to do one or the other or both?

    Have been reading up on it all and really not sure what is best.


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