I have a Android phone and have it hooked with my workplace email account which uses Microsoft exchange 2007.

I am getting my emails through on the phone but the issue I have is in my outlook I have rules setup so if someone sends me and email who is part of my team i have rules setup so their emails go into their own seperate subfolder.

The issue is if i get an email from one of these collesgues where i have setup a rule i dont get a email message alert on my phone that i have received an email.

However if anyone sends me an email straight to my inbox i get an alert without no issue.

What's odd is we have a network monitoring tool and if that alerts and sends me an email I have again set up a rule to filter those messages to a different subfolder. I seem to get alerted on the phone for these emails which I have found very strange. If this sub folder works why don't I get them for the rest is my question?

I have rechecked my rules in outlook and can confirm they all set up exactly the same.

Is this setup incorrect or can I not receive emails which are in sub folders?

Is there a way to solve this, could an android app sort this as i am just using the native email app which comes with the Galaxy S3.