We're using "Redirect users to SSL login page (with session cookie)" and transparent proxying on Smoothwall for our iPads - this seems to work fine when we're in Safari.

However, it *appears* that when we use an App the connection can be dropped, but if we then reopen Safari and go back to the the App the connection resumes.

Is there any other solution other than setting the global time before logging off after inactivity higher? (That risks the student forgetting to log out and someone else continuing using their login session).

It's a pity Smoothwall don't have an authorization app - it would allow you to expressly authenticate yourself to Smoothwall, and expressly logoff, and keep itself alive periodically. If the device were powered off, then it would expect the user to reauthenticate when the iPad was powered back on.

I'm starting to *really* dislike iPads - I'm travelling down so many dead ends trying to resolve the issues we're having with them. (They're fine for 1:1 usage, which we've always known, but finding ways to share them *securely* is getting really frustrating.)