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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, Setting up Ipads through Meraki in Technical; Hi Sorry but I've got another Ipad question. I have a stack of ipads that need to go to the ...
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    Setting up Ipads through Meraki

    Sorry but I've got another Ipad question. I have a stack of ipads that need to go to the schools we support very soon (about 8-12 per school). I have suggested using Meraki to deploy apps and change settings etc. I don't think they have VPP so I was thinking that I use the one itunes account that is already in place for the one school that already has ipads (I think they just have one account anyway) and use that for all the ipads for all the schools (there all part of the same group) allowing us to just purchase the apps once (if thats a problem please let me know I don't want to do anything illegal obviously). Also how do I go about setting them up in the first place (I don't think apple configarator will be an option due to there being one macs). Can I just throw meraki on them then set up everything else from there like naming them etc. Sorry I've not really had anything to do with Ipads other than using my own one and I've never even bothered plugging that into a computer so i want to get this right.

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    Don't rush it. Read this: http://www.meraki.com/lib/pdf/meraki_whitepaper_ios.pdf

    Take time to understand the devices and model that Apple uses.

    Purchasing the apps once and deploying to multiple devices is normally a breach of the developers copyright unless you have explicit permission. You probably need to get signed up to the Apple Volume Purchasing Program.

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