Hello. Long time forum browser, first time posting. I'm glad there is a community like this to bounce ideas off of.

We use Pharos like I'm sure many colleges do to manage print money and control print queues. My predecessor only had lab and library PC's utilize Pharos, so I opened it up so that students can download the Pharos Pop-up Client onto their personal PC or MAC and print from anywhere on campus. This has worked out extremely well and is very popular.

We are seeing an ever increasing number of students with tablets. I wanted to see if I could have the tablets utilize LPD printing which Pharos should support. I got it working, sort of. I don't have an ipad, so I used my Android phone to experiment. I download an app called PrintBot and put in the server address: lpd://server.domain.com:515/Queue_Name_BW. I see the print job in Pharos and I am able to release it to the printer manually. This is great, but I'd like to be able to pass along a username as well, so I tried: lpd://usernam@server.domain.com:515/Queue_Name_BW This is the syntax I see in a lot of other people's documentation. This fails to work.

Does anyone have experience with this? The Pharos KB has nothing that I have found for LPD printing. When I called, the Pharos Support Rep told me they do not support this functionality because I am using a third party app. It could be that the app can't pass the username, but I tried a couple with the same results. I suspect Pharos probably just wants to sell me the Print from email plugin. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.