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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, WDS on Samsung NB-30 in Technical; I have the task of trying to deploy a Windows 8 image to about 60 netbooks via WDS . The ...
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    WDS on Samsung NB-30

    I have the task of trying to deploy a Windows 8 image to about 60 netbooks via WDS.

    The netbooks are Samsung NB-30s and they are unbelievably slow at installing the image- it takes over 3 hours to complete!

    Does anyone have ideas how I might be able to speed this up? Other deployments to different machines on the same network complete much more quickly so it seems to be a problem specific to these netbooks?

    Any ideas people?

    Thanks :-)

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    update the network card driver in wds? I found hp620's used to be dog slow to boot into wds/mdt but for no reason the last few ive tried have been much quicker so i suspect ive unknowingly (or for another pc) updated the nic driver

    might also be worth checking for bios updates

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    I agree it's going to be a driver issue. I suppose it also depends on your network switches and their speeds too - 10/100 vs gigabit.

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    I don't want to disappoint but you are going to struggle to get windows 8 to work on a netbook. The screen resolution will not support the apps. Microsoft pulled the plug on windows 8 for them. This is one of the reasons why net books are no .onger available

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    If using WDS try using the 2012 one or at least the latest windows pe based on Windows 8, they have improved the performance of imagex and the wim tools used by WDS by something like 40% which is massive. It can also help using unicast instead of multicast with WDS if you are only doing one or two as some switches and many drivers will cripple the speed over multicast.

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