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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, displaying tablet screen on pc/projector in Technical; does anyone know of a way to remotely display an android device on a pc/projector (projector isnt currently networked but ...
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    displaying tablet screen on pc/projector

    does anyone know of a way to remotely display an android device on a pc/projector (projector isnt currently networked but iirc has a network socket) as after installing 18 of them a teacher has decided they need to be viewable via a whiteboard (they also want smartboard but as they dont seem to do an android version tough)

    I can find the odd app BUT they all seem to want the device to be rooted (and id rather avoid it but if needs must ill root the odd one and sticker it up)and via internet would be a pain due to proxy requiring a login to see anything (out of my control).

    So far i have had a bit of a play with airdroid on my phone and for getting stuff too/from the device that seems useable if slow and aain it says it does rdp on rooted devices

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    you could try an airplay integration:

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    TeamViewer QuickSupport works well if you have a suitable Samsung device. You don't need root for this app.

    Alternatively, if you install an AOSP-based ROM you can sideload this APK.

    Another option is VMLite which is a VNC Server for Android. This also works without root.

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