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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, APPLE iPads and managment in Technical; Here I am again finding yet more issues of Apple in an education enviroment! Dont get me wrong iPads are ...
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    Question APPLE iPads and managment

    Here I am again finding yet more issues of Apple in an education enviroment!

    Dont get me wrong iPads are great - i have seen many adverts where they make very good chopping boards! all jokes a side i can see that Tablets whether is be apple or other wise is the future atleast my 2 year old believes so!

    So currently running 15 iPads in a school net work enviroment and using Apple Configurator to manage these so that we can add apps and that set restrictions in one hit and not burdon the small team i work with doing it manually on every iPad.

    The results it works ok! there were a few after configuration controls like re-setting the restrictions code and unfortunutly the apple passcode can not be disabled but with all that in mind it was easy after setup and it worked or did! . . . We had hurd rumors that ios6 had problems with this offical apple product so kept the iPads on the old ios5 it was not a problem until the little darlings decided to update the ios themselves! Now we have no ability to centraly add apps so are stuck manually doing thus as the rumors were correct!

    ITs a known problem with apple apparently and yet there is not a date for a release of a newer version of the apple configurator!

    We have tried downgrading to IOS5 but apparently this is not possible not even for an apple engineer! so we are stuck!

    Any one else running in to errors with management of iPads?

    or what do you use and is it cost effective?

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    Can you explain what you mean about the iOS 6 problems?

    I've got 16 iPads that I've just setup with Apple Configurator and installed iOS 6.1 on all of them. I've added loads of free apps to them but haven't yet bought any using the Volume License Program, but I am signed up to it for when we need it.

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