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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, Ipads, VPP, and Meraki - getting started in Technical; We've just taken delivery of 8 ipads. We already have 4 in school which are used by a different department. ...
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    Ipads, VPP, and Meraki - getting started

    We've just taken delivery of 8 ipads. We already have 4 in school which are used by a different department. The original 4 are all linked to a single Apple ID and purchases have been made using giftcards, however, now that we're getting more I want to get everything set up correctly.

    Can I just run through what I think I understand.

    I have applied for the Volume Licensing Program. That requires 2 Apple Ids? One for the Manager, and one for a Facilitator.
    Then the actual ipads are registered to a third AppleId?

    I've set up Meraki, but this is where I'm getting unstuck.

    I've downloaded a certificate and uploaded the Apple Push Certificate - but I'm a bit confused about which apple account that certificate should be linked too. Is it the one I've used to apply for the Volume Licensing, or the one that I've put on the iPads?

    and finally
    Whilst I am waiting for the Volume licensing account to be set up, can I install free apps on the iPads, or will they all need reinstalling when the volume license gets sorted out?

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    You can install free apps, ether manually or pushed from Meraki, if you then push an app from meriki that's already been manually installed it will just be marked as installed in meraki with no ill effects.

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    I have just configured and enrolled this iPad onto Meraki and can see the details correctly in the system dashboard.... The problem comes when I attempt to push apps - free ones only at the mo to test things.

    I get an error on the dashboard "Error - The iTunes Store ID of the application could not be validated."

    Where do I go to rectify this error? Sorry for hijacking this thread!

    Thanks in advance!

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