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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, IPad Apps for SLT in Technical; Hi SLT have just got ipads here was wanting to pick people brains about what apps they have on there ...
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    IPad Apps for SLT

    SLT have just got ipads here was wanting to pick people brains about what apps they have on there SLT Ipads within school useful\productivity?. We have no apple tv yet but i can see them not being very far away.



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    Angry Birds. Fruit Ninja. Cut the Rope.

    Sorry. Just noticed this:
    Quote Originally Posted by rush_tech View Post
    within school useful\productivity
    To be fair, some of the members here seem to have a bunch of useful stuff their teachers use - my personal experience across 3 schools is that they are mainly being used as nice tax payer funded toys/status symbols.

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    Evernote? Springpad? What ever does get listed will not increase nor improve productivity levels by any mile. As stated by @LeMarchand, they turn out to be a very nice taxpayer funded status and/or toy.

    I own an iPad - was even given one to use at school, and all I did was install games. My fav game is Clash of Clans

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    prezi seems to be a favourite for member of our slt at the moment along with google earth etc as he teaches geography but those only useful with an apple tv

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    Evernote and Mindnode are probably the top 2 I use most days, then Keynote, Pages (Numbers is not a substitute for Excel due to the amount of data mangling SLT tend to end up doing), Prezi, a variety of photo apps (primarily iPhoto and Snapseed), iMovie (handy for trimming and tidying clips), Photosynth, uStream and uStream Broadcaster, Citrix connector ... and about a dozen or so more but usually ad-hoc.

    I've mention before about getting folk to understand the benefits of certain tools and the SAMR model. Ask your SLT to think about what they already use, how they use it and then to apply SAMR themselves to apps. It helps them understand the tech better, understand their own methods of productivity, makes them a little more inventive about how they might use certain apps (along with helping them to assess the limitations some apps have, such as Numbers) and also helps when you are trying to persuade them to share these ideas with each other.

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