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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, A look at how some choose devices in Technical; For those who might not read his blog Fraser Speirs has put up an interesting post about what the refresh ...
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    A look at how some choose devices

    For those who might not read his blog Fraser Speirs has put up an interesting post about what the refresh plans for his school are, and how they are making the choices.

    Fraser Speirs - Blog - Refresh: ThePlatform

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    Tis a good blog that raises many valid points. He likes to skirt over Apple a bit though. They don't just want to sell you a computer, they're very transparent in wanting to sell you everything else too. I would wonder if the opinion would be changed at all if they were not already running Apple IOS kit. (Not that it's a bad thing, just would be interesting. After all, why fix what isn't broke).

    Starting from a blank sheet though, I'm still not sure where I'd turn currently. Would really have to spend a lot of time with multiple of each device before jumping! This time last year it'd be IOS without a doubt.
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