A member of staff has an iPhone 4s with T-Mobile. As they use it for work the school contributes to the monthly cost.

Yesterday they received a notification that there was a voicemail message waiting. When they accessed it they could hear what sounded like a conversation between two people in an office with a lot of background noise so it appeared to be an accidental misdial.

They asked me to have a look at the issue as they had not turned on redirect on the phone, so if the calls were not answered nothing should go to voicemail.

Reading up on the T-Mobile site and forums, it looks like T-Mobile doesn't support Visual VoiceMail so you have to ring up to access messages and there is a charge each time. You can turn the service off via the phone and through the VM menu system when you access it.

We're just a bit confused as to how they came to get a vm even though the feature was turned off?

We're waiting for a response from T-Mobile.

Does anyone here have any knowledge or experience of vm problems with iPhones & T-Mobile?