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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, Netbooks and ideal setup in Technical; Enjoy. I would advise updating the zone director if you have not been using it for very long. You can ...
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    I would advise updating the zone director if you have not been using it for very long. You can either get the zone director to get the update itself (note: it doesn't get on with proxies) or download it from your support providers (net-ctrl?). The way the update works is that you update the zone director, then the zone director dishes out the update for the AP's, this will make them all do a restart cycle so do it after school, but it is incredibly satisfying.

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    Well I found the 6 APs, 3 had lights on, three didn't. They were POE so in the end, I powered the switch off and on that they were plugged into (big thumbs up to the installers for using purple CAT-5 cables which were easily identifiable).

    Went back into ZoneDirector and watched all the APs come up one by one and show as connected. Am very happy with that for an initial result for today! It's on 9.3 so I'll do updates to 9.4 (and possible 9.5) at some point once I know how stable it's all running.

    I still need to look at the policies, scripts, redirects etc for the netbooks, but at least if the wireless is working and I can analyse that performance then it's the first step to being able see how the performance pans out. The school is very happy at this stage as well, and I've learned loads about Ruckus so all in all, a useful day.

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