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    3G iPad Data

    how much data would people suggest for the 3g iPad, just for general day to day browsing

    i curently have the "new iPad 32GB wifi" and am looking to sell it and get the "iPad mini 3G/wifi" but have no idea on how much data should i get, my phone contact i have 1gb but with the size of the ipad mini and the portable ness i think i may use it more..

    Both work and home i have wifi but at work its filtered and ios devices currently are unable to use the "staff proxy" login, so would like to use 3g.

    Looking at the three - sim only 10gb 1 month rolling contract £15pm
    (Shopping Basket)

    anyone got any other suggestions?

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    3G iPad Data

    You could just try the 10GB snd use their usage tools to see what you typically use.

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    10Gb should be more than enough I think. Three do some good packages, never once used any of my data limits on either phone or dongle.

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    Buy a 12Gb Prepaid Data Sim on the 3 Network from Amazon or EBay and a Sim cutter.
    Thats what I do, the Sims cost between £45 and £65 inc VAT and you get 1Gb per month for a year or you can use the lot up in a week.
    When the SIM runs out buy another.
    Its so much simpler.
    I got 3 x 3Gb for £11 a few months ago even better value.

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