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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, RM Slate 100 - how do you use yours? in Technical; Hello, We have four RM Slate 100 tablets and nobody really likes them here because on the CC4 network they're ...
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    RM Slate 100 - how do you use yours?


    We have four RM Slate 100 tablets and nobody really likes them here because on the CC4 network they're slow, Windows 7 always seems to be doing some updates whenever somebody wants to use one which delays their time using the RM Slate and THEN when they do get to use it, again, it's slow, and the charge doesn't last long - which all makes for a frustrating user experience.

    They were bought before I joined the School and I cannot understand why they wasted a chunk of the budget on these devices. I feel they should have bought four iPads which would have been money much much much better spent!

    I don't like the fact that people don't want to use the RM Slates so I was wondering if anybody has managed to get Android or linux running on an RM Slate 100 or offer any advice on how they use them effectively in a class?



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    We had one in that we used with a boy with physical disabilities. It wasn't managed through the network. He found it easier to use than a conventional PC with mouse and keyboard. We put Clicker 5 on it and TextEase.

    It might be worth chatting with your SENCo and seeing if they could use them.

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    Why not install windows 8 onto them? We've done it with ours and it seems to run pretty well. It's much more usable with the touchscreen than windows 7 ever was.

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    Windows 8 on the EduGeek one. It runs pretty sweet too.

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