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Netbooks, PDA and Phones Thread, Limit of number of devices? in Technical; Excuse me if I get any of the terms wrong... I've not got any Apple kit but we may have ...
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    Limit of number of devices?

    Excuse me if I get any of the terms wrong... I've not got any Apple kit but we may have some soon and I want to see if there's a solution to a potential problem...

    Scenario: Teachers have iPads. 60+ classrooms all have AppleTV connected to projectors. A teacher wants to mirror the iPad onto the Projector and uses AirPlay to connect to the AppleTV. A list of devices comes up for the teacher to select which projector he/she wants to connect to...

    I have heard there is a limit of 25 devices showing in this list? (I saw a quick demo yesterday and the list was limited to the first 25 devices that they had entered into the system, and they said Apple told them that this was the limit) This is a bit of a problem if there are more than 25 classrooms. I've also heard via someone else that they have heard of someone with 90 devices in their list so presumably someone has figured out how to make it work. I've hunted quite a bit on t'Internet but cannot find anything discussing this

    Can anyone enlighten me please? Thanks in advance.
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