@ClaireJoanne. The Acer Iconia A110 tablet might be worth considering too, although it's not as good as the Nexus 7. eBuyer are selling the 8GB model for £124.98 (ex. VAT and after cashback).

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Maybe, Playbooks are a safer option!!
PlayBook's would be a terrible idea IMO.

The PlayBook OS is also a little finicky. While the hardware bump from 1GHz to 1.5GHz seems to have helped the PlayBook manage some of its more processor-intensive applications—Flash videos, for example, load and play more smoothly than before as long as the Wi-Fi signal is strong—the browser still crashed on us several times when there were too many scripts running simultaneously on a site. There were times when the operating system would stutter while responding to simple tasks like pushing a button or selecting an area to input text.

Power management also seems to be an issue. We left the fully charged PlayBook running all night while transferring files to a computer; by the next morning, the battery was completely drained and the device required immediate charging. There are several options in the settings for stretching battery life, including lowering the screen's brightness, turning off Bluetooth, and pausing background applications. Though dimming the screen and nixing Bluetooth sound like they should help, toggling the "Application Behavior" setting to pause background apps was the only thing that had any significant impact.

Lastly, the most glaring issue with the PlayBook is the BlackBerry App World. It pales in comparison to the iOS App Store, Google Play, and even the Windows Marketplace. The BlackBerry's shrinking market share and perceived indifference to third-party integration means there isn't much of a rush for developers to even consider coding for it.


The BlackBerry App World is a huge disappointment for a service which has been around for almost as long as Google Play. It's understandable why developers aren't investing in the platform, but this catch 22 is exactly the kind of thing that's keeping the PlayBook down. (Source)