Good morning all,

With the 12th rapidly approaching(which may or may not yield new IOS devices), the rumours of 1800Mhz LTE on the said IOS devices(maybe), and Orange/TMobile starting to roll out 4g on 1800Mhz(again maybe, on a date that is, will see what the event/webinar on the 11th holds, could just be a name change), I may take the utterly abhorrent decision of iPhones and iPads when our mobile contract is up at the end of the year.

I want 4g for the future, and the thought of being stuck for 2 years without it, as we would have out of date devices for the term if we go with technology and a service that won't get near 4g for at least a year, hurts to say the least. So Orange, Everything Everywhere, or whatever they change their name to on the 11th, and Apple may be the way forward for me to kick start my future network strategy, and not get left behind until the contract comes up again in 2014/2015.

I have always stood by the "IOS is not for the enterprise" mantra, I even got rid of my own iPhone 3g, powermac and iPods a few years ago in protest of the 'Apple Ecosystem' and never looked back. But the times they are a changing. iPhones, iPads, i* are in the enterprise and are here to stay(We already have 20 iPads, which still sit in their boxes on my server rooms shelves, where they have been since March, bar the odd few I have been made to deploy, under duress)

If I go this white and shiny route, I will probably specify a mac mini server to look after it all, profile manager 2 etc.

I am also looking at a Data VPN from Orange, so we have our own APN directly connected into the college network, no more clunky VPN clients on mobile devices(yey)!

My questions after all the preamble and guff, is: Can PM2 track the iDevices? Like the find my i* feature on the web/app/icloud?

I was just going to run Meraki and iCloud, but have since found out that you can only register 10 devices on 1 id for iCloud, I want to be able to see all 50(my projected initial number of combined devices) in one console/map of the world(why is x's ipad enroute to china, better wipe that, etc) and if we are going to do this, I am going to do it properly and all enterprisey.(Ok its not just the mappy thing I want from PM2, but it would tick the safeguarding staff out in the field box)

Anyone know if PM2 does this? The bullet point of Asset Tracking on the features list, could mean one of hundred things, down to "it tells you what apps a device has", which while useful would not be my preferred explanation of that feature.