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MIS Systems Thread, Solus 3 agent after sysprep in Technical; Hi, Does anyone know the way to deelte the old computer information from Solus 3 so it picks up the ...
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    Solus 3 agent after sysprep


    Does anyone know the way to deelte the old computer information from Solus 3 so it picks up the new computers after they are sysprepped. I have done a few computers and they are stuck, the old computer is there but will only delete from view.. when you re-add it then it still has the old information. The old comptuer client will allow a uninstall manually but will not go back.. i have been through the registry and wiped all stuff related to Solus 3 but its still saying it cannot connect. I have also tried manually instaling Solus 3 agent but it shows up on the console with no data or version number so won't update.

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    Basically, when you discommission the machine you must remove it from SOLUS3 as well as AD and I assume other places, such as your AV console.

    When you install the S3 agent, if you do it manually, you need add it to SIMS workstations for example in SOLUS3.

    I did speak with Capita about this and possible ways forward. Basically you want to install you new machine, run the S3agent - with the server settings but not the S3 id (guid) set. The S3agent will connect to the S3 server and say, hey, I got no ID, the S3 database then checks the db, if it hasn't got one, it'll generate one and return it to the s3 agent, if it has already got one, it'll return that. Now assuming it finds it in the s3 database it means it should have definitions, such as it's a sims workstation, so when the s3agent starts it should contact the s3 server and go, morning and the s3 server will ask what version is your sims and the s3agent will go, err.. what sims? The S3 server will laugh and tell it to install SIMS. Sort it.

    Now the problem I've got is I COULD make something so that it queries the s3 database, gets the key, installs the s3agent.... BUT, I can't be bothered*, the effect required and the fact it's basically a few clicks for you - admittly annoying - and the biggest reason is the fact one day soon, Capita will sort it.
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