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MIS Systems Thread, ePortal & Results - Errors in Technical; Hi Over the past few weeks we have been having reports from teaching staff saying that the results bitlet on ...
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    ePortal & Results - Errors


    Over the past few weeks we have been having reports from teaching staff saying that the results bitlet on ePortal is not showing anything - even though we know for a fact they are there.

    I asked our network guys to look into this and they have sent me the error log with EventID 131

    Event Type: Error
    Event Source: Facility Data Server
    Event Category: None
    Event ID: 131
    Date: 27/06/2007
    Time: 08:52:53
    User: N/A
    Computer: SQL
    Exception thrown in function: HandleGetRecords(), place holder 13 object 2067 Query Details:getrecords format=short type="activeresulttemplates" titles="id""name""examcodes""examnames""examreadon ly""compcodes""compnames""compdescrips""critcodes" "critnames"
    "critdescrips""matchtype""controltype""datatype""a ccgroup""accclass""accmodule""accindividual""accco urse""startdate""enddate" exprs="id""name""examsets.exam.code""examsets.exam .name""examsets.readonly""examsets.component.code"
    "examsets.component.name""examsets.component.descr ip""examsets.crittype.code""examsets.crittype.name "
    "examsets.crittype.descrip""matchitemtype""control type""datatype""accgroup""accclass""accmodule""acc individual""acccourse""startdate.text""enddate.tex t"
    sortexpr="name" >
    These errors are appearing at least 2 times a day at various times and are fixed by restarting ePortal

    Is this a known issue? Is there a fix?


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    Re: ePortal & Results - Errors

    There are a couple of Eportal patches on the Serco web site relating to Results bitlet issues, have they been applied.

    We are having a wider issue with assessment entry in Eportal that is being investigated by Serco. So will let you know when we get some feedback on that.

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    Re: ePortal & Results - Errors

    I've seen this error occur at quite a few of our schools (Sometimes at least 10 times per day). In one case it mainly seemed to occur around the times of their AM & PM roll calls, in others it was when they were doing assessment things.

    I'm not aware of any fixes yet.

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