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Cheers buddy. At least I know it's not just me being completely stupid

We are indeed using 3.5. I've logged a call with Capita so will see what they say when they respond.

On a related note, I noticed at the top of this page you guys refer to the location where the upgrades are stored locally on each workstation i.e. C:\users\all users\capita...

Is this still the same or has it now changed? I can't seem to locate it on XP or 7 machines. Would be useful to know if the upgrade files have actually gone out.

Thanks again.

(For some reason my crappy Internet Explorer isn't allowing me to respond directly to posts...DOH!)

On Windows 7, it can be found in: C:\ProgramData\Capita\SOLUS3\Deployments.

Not 100% sure on XP but suspect it will be something like C:\Documents & Settings\All Users\Application Data\SOLUS3 maybe?