SIMS 2012 Summer 4

Following that we were pleased to make the new Fischer Family Trust (FFT) software available to those schools purchasing this solution - 'Summer 3' (SIMS FFT Estimates |

A further update to the SIMS 2012 Summer release will be available later this week that addresses the following issues for those schools that are affected.

Behaviour / Detentions
Schools where teachers log behaviour in the classroom (through Lesson Monitor) and then proceeded to set a detention. The member of staff, although displaying in the Behaviour Incident details screen, disappears in the Student Detention Details screen and was therefore not pulled through to the detention itself.

SLG Personal Data issue
After un-ticking the "Home Address Can Be Disclosed" option in SIMS, only the address was hidden within the data collection sheet - email and telephone number were not.

Upgrade Script error
Sites choosing to upgrade to Summer using SOLUS2 as a 'Trusted User' were getting an error in the database upgrade at SQLBatch 70. Customers using SOLUS3 or using SQL authentication for the database upgrade in SOLUS2 were successfully able to upgrade.

Note - although this version of Summer now includes the FFT capability it is 'turned off' for all schools unless they purchase the required licence through the SIMS sales desk and apply it to their SIMS system

Clearly, those schools that are not affected by the items above do not need to take this release.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this might cause.