One of our schools is having an issue with assessment manager whereby the user is left waiting for 5-10 mins before the application loads. There is no stress on the resources etc and the splash screen appears immediately. However, once the splash disappears the process is listed in task manager but the application either takes forever to display or fails to load.

I think it is something to do with MS office as sometimes the 'preparing to install' dialog flashes up just before the splash disappears. I have reinstalled office to no avail.

One thing about this computer is that it was setup by a complete cowboy who continues to support them. The school purchased a 'new' computer from this person but it turns out they salvaged the old HD and upgraded the OS to win XP. Oh and not forgetting they mounted the OS drive as D: even though all the previous reg entries pointed to C:... i could go on but it just makes me sad!