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MIS Systems Thread, Sysman user account on SIMS/Sqlserver in Technical; Hi, i've just been given a reindex patch to run by Capita which needs to be run under the Sysman ...
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    Sysman user account on SIMS/Sqlserver

    i've just been given a reindex patch to run by Capita which needs to be run under the Sysman user account (not SA).

    It looks like when the DB software was installed no one kept a note of this password ( cant find anyone who know it) however looking at the ESSupgrade software there's a utility to rest the sysman password using the SA account - so I think I'm OK there.

    My question is ...

    a) is there anything SIMs uses in the background which would be affected by a password change on the Sysman account?

    b) can I run the reindex patch at a quiet time but in working hours i.e. not having to get everyone off the system?

    any guidance gratefully received.


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    I don't have a sysman account for SIMS only FMS.

    I actually think the Sysman account is just an account with permissions to everything within SIMS. I just use the admin account when I install one off patches and fixes from Crapita

    The SA accounts has special weird permissions.

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    if you were setup by county the password was setup using a formula. I'm reluctant to post our formula sorry but I'm sure other counties used the same formula as I've seen it outside of Dorset. Maybe they all went to the same training?

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    Resetting the password should be okay, but for running the patch, i'd want to make sure everyone is out of the system to be safe. Plus they will recommend that too as well as taking a backup.
    @chazzy2501 - i knew that happened in northants, didn't realise the extent of the problem! I even recall because they couldn't be bothered to remember the formula (which actually wasn't very hard at all!) they coded it, into one of their system utilities as part of the install.

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