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    Angry SIMS Reinstall + Rant

    Hey all,

    There are many threads about schools wanting to migrate SIMS from one server to another or to simply rebuild their existing server for various reasons.

    My SIMS Server has been playing games in recent months and various internal systems are glitching at random times of the day. We've worked very hard to resolve the issues only to come to the conclusion - REBUILD.

    We've had some serious sims outtages this week and the only way to perform a quick fix is to hold down the power button. (it won't shutdown gracefully)

    So in a bid to be more proactive and increase the chances of fixing the deep issues, I thought we'd install Windows Server 2008 R2 (Currently 2008 R1) and reinstall the SIMS Server Software and any bolt on's such as SLG.

    I called Capita for advice or to assist to ensure we don't screw up sims all together and they want £942 to do this. We've just paid £24k to Capita as part of our transition to an Acadamy. That cost includes two half days for onsite visits, only they're "strategic planning days". They're not offering any advice at all, they claim there are no guides and if I did do this myself that any future problems will not be supported.

    I feel that we're at the mercy of Capita everytime! It's my server and if I want to do anything at all, then we either have to pay the earth or stand down.

    We could continue to search for a solution to our Windows problem but that takes a lot of time and I don't think I'd be happy anyway. I like the occasional refresh, it's cleaner and generally faster.

    Does anybody have any guides? I have a general idea as to what the process is, but things like B2B probably needs configuring too.

    On a side note, as an Academy, do we need to run B2B? I didnt know that even existed until a few years when a guy called to say it was not working and they remoted in and re-configured it.

    Any help or advice is very much appreciated!

    Cheer guys,

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    Firstly, we've had a number of problems with 2008 R1, we've been moving them over to R2. So your not alone.

    SLG you need them to install the OpenVPN client etc - last time I checked it was about £260+vat. Not found away around that one. I would contact your Account Manager see what they can sort out. They should also be able to give you the latest installer CD which makes it a whole lot easier.

    B2B is determined by your LA and your School. It's a good thing, I would suggest contacting them about it.

    What area are you from anyway?

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    Super, yeah R1 has been very unstable on the majority of our servers.

    Yeah I too was quoted £260 for the SLG re-install. I'll speak to him/her tomorrow about this.

    I'm Northamptonshire

    I'm tempted to install the SIMS server as a Hyper-V Guest this time if Hyper-V is as good as they say in R2. As I understand, it's even better on Windows Server 8? Maybe a doddle to transfer the guest in a few years time when we do our server refresh and save a few quid on Capita costs.

    Thanks matt40k

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