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MIS Systems Thread, Nightmare trying to log in to dbattach in Technical; Hi, I have just taken over a new school and have a new server which I need to use for ...
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    Nightmare trying to log in to dbattach

    I have just taken over a new school and have a new server which I need to use for Sims and FMS.

    Normally when I move Sims and FMS to a new server I use dbattach to export the databases and then to also import on the new server. Problem is the old tech has left me a sa username and password that does not work. I get the error ' login failed for user sa'

    I can access the sql studio and have managed to do a backup (BAK) of the databases.

    am I able to move the databases to the new server using some other methode? I have seen posts saying its better to use dbattach as it keeps the users intact.

    This is not a good situation, I don't like it when my standard method fails and I have to go down an unknown path, also I set tonight aside to do this.

    Thanks for any advice

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    maybe some of this will work, assuming it is SQL2008 (which is a SIMS pre-requisite)

    SQL SERVER – Reset sa Password « worth.Posting

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    Log on to SQL management, run a query on each database (ie sims and fms if you've got it) exec sims.db_p_transfer_login (or is it sims.db_p_transfer_logins?). Then under the left menu select security then select sa r-click change the password - make sure you store it somewhere secure so it doesn't happen again

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