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MIS Systems Thread, Class Average in Individual Report in Technical; I've been asked to set up a field in an Individual Report where the results in a column from AM7 ...
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    Class Average in Individual Report

    I've been asked to set up a field in an Individual Report where the results in a column from AM7 are averaged across one entire class and displayed on the report.

    I can see how to get a % or count up for grade aspects but not for numerical ones. Is it even possible? Same for min max.

    Example in hand:
    - Assessment columns are filled in, say 5, and these are averaged to give a final result.
    - Final result is averaged over the whole class and a min-max worked out.
    - Report shows the class average for a subject is 60%, the highest result is 90% and the lowest 20%. The child has only 30% so their parents can see he is doing relatively poor. Repeat for other subjects on the report.

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    You'd need to do the calculation in AM7 or perf analysis. We don't really do it. The best i've done up and down a column is to use the position formula field to show a kids position in the class. There's nothing that really does the maths across the group. You need to use something else like group analysis, but i don't know if you can pull fields in from that. I've not done it. Do you use Discover? isn't there something in there you can use?

    Group Analysis does give nice figures.

    The thing that is built in to ind.reps is you can pull in group totals / results. So you could show what percentage of results were a certain grade(s), that you enter in the tag.

    We don't do much analysis so there are probably other ways of presenting the data.

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