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MIS Systems Thread, iSAMS or 3SYS in Technical; We have had 3Sys now for a few months and to be honest the ride has been quite smooth so ...
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    We have had 3Sys now for a few months and to be honest the ride has been quite smooth so far. We are only currently using it for AM/PM registration and Reporting & Assessment at the moment though!

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    Well, we made our decision and the order is in progress. I dont want to say who yet.

    What I will say is, you have to be careful what you put on the internet, one of the two companies mentioned here have taken a screen shot from this topic and felt the need to email this to us with the view point of saying 'look what this person though if the 'others' software'. They clearly did not know it was me who was asking the questions!

    This was one of the reasons we did not go with that company.

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    Oh, now I really want to know who you picked...

    And as for companies reading the forums: yep, been there, nearly got the t-shirt. I'm pretty sure that one of the companies that monitors EduGeek figured out who I was and tried to drop me in it with my manager after I cancelled a load of contracts with them. Luckily my manager wasn't a douchebag about it (unlike the company involved) and it wasn't a problem for me.

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    Yes i'd be interested to know that too. In fact I think the community would because that is very very poor practice and stinks of bull-boy sales tactics...

    Whatever happened to 'here is the product, here is the deal, if you like both and think it is the RIGHT system for your school... great... if not good luck in your choices'...

    In fact, i have heard a number of schools telling me 'please keep this quiet, I don't want our current supplier to know we are looking elsewhere'... really pathetic to have schools scared to look at the market...

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    Any Pre preps and preps using isams please, what cost is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trekmad View Post
    Just had an update from iSAMS. They are in the process of employing someone to work on multi browser. Although they do not have a exact timescale their hope is that this will be on the way within 12 months.
    Still waiting for this, according to the guy at BETT i spoke to.

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