We actually have ours split over 3 servers for some bizarre reason. One server supports CMIS and also our FMS installation (Our finance people hated sercos product that much!) we then have a dedicated SQL server which handles SQL needs for most of the network, CMIS/eportal, our website database, sophos database and others.

Eportal sits on its own box. Eportal used to run from the same server as CMIS, but it used to keep falling over on this server for no apparent reason, hence it was moved! The new server, although older, has a lot more RAM which seems to be cruicial for e-portal. We still have to restart it at least once a week thou.

We also have a second instance of e-portal on our web server to allow staff to use it from home. Amazingly this server copes even though it's a virtual machine, and running OWA, eportal, the website and remote access applications!