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MIS Systems Thread, Number 1 most important aspect of your MIS in Technical; Originally Posted by creese Okay... so Schoolcomms will synch, if you tick the box, without intervention. It will send SMS ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by creese View Post
    Okay... so Schoolcomms will synch, if you tick the box, without intervention.

    It will send SMS or email direct from a student's details within SIMS. The separate client is used to send to user defined groups or to create certificates.
    EDIT: sorry misunderstood the post. Yes i was asking with reference to the SMS/email systems and how they update themselves.

    Schoolcomms will sync if you have trustedauto authentication enabled for SIMS after you open the schoolcomms client and log in. On my workstation, i have SIMS set with Trusted only enabled, so it prompts me to use auto or login, so i just hit OK and it syncs.

    When you click from within SIMS, it is the same as opening the client, if it's the first time in a session, it asks you to login, but subsequently you're remembered. It saves you having to look up the kid/ tick boxes for parents etc, so is good for one off use. Much like running a report against a student by clicking the reports link on the right hand links panel.

    The client opens up so you can add whatever else you want. The client can be used for whole year groups, UDGs, teachers etc.

    You can also use the web interface so you don't need a client, you can just go to the website or even the mobile site, which lets you text direct. That's where the real benefit is, because you don't need to have sims with you or mobile, to access the email / sms facility, it's independent.
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