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MIS Systems Thread, Linked Documents Report in Technical; Hello all! First time poster... so if I've omitted to follow any protocols in this post, apologies! Also, if there ...
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    Linked Documents Report

    Hello all! First time poster... so if I've omitted to follow any protocols in this post, apologies! Also, if there is somewhere more appropriate I should be asking this question... please let me know!

    I've been working with custom reports in SIMS for a while now and have pretty much got my head around it, but there remains one thing that I just cannot seem to work out. I need to create a report that lists which documents are linked to individual students (just the names of the files etc, not the actual documents themselves). I cannot see where this information is held to include it in a report.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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    @dkennedy You're in the right place.

    Unfortunately, it's not available to my knowledge. At least not easily in the reporting engine. I'm pretty sure there is an identical request on the SupportNet forums at the moment.
    I have in the past managed to run a report, but this was against the SQL server itself to show what and how many documents were linked by a particular user, i guess that could be tweaked, but it's only on a test server as you can't play with the real thing Plus you need to have admin access.

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