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MIS Systems Thread, Leaving the LEA - CAPITA DIRECT in Technical; Since moving to Academy the decision has been taken to purchase our SIMS needs direct from CAPITA. Hants CC provide ...
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    Leaving the LEA - CAPITA DIRECT

    Since moving to Academy the decision has been taken to purchase our SIMS needs direct from CAPITA.
    Hants CC provide us with alot of documentation on how to apply patches updates etc and are also on the end of a phone.

    Does anyone have any experience or feedback about dealing direct with CAPITA?

    the decision has been taken to move to them already so just wanting to gather as much information about working with them


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    They are pretty fast with most solutions, nothing like going direct to the source for patches and fixes :-)

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    Mmm... I think I can give the Capita helpdesk a run for they're money

  4. Thanks to matt40k from:

    Edu-IT (20th January 2012)

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    I guess it would depend on how good, or otherwise, your local support is/was.
    I was the prime mover in moving from LA to Capita Direct some years ago. That was no reflection on the LA support but more a reflection of our extensive use of SIMS above and beyond what the LA was offering at that time.
    Since our move to being a Capita Direct school, I cannot praise Capita Support highly enough.

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    Applying patches etc is very straight forward. Capita will also be on the end of a phone. As well as available via email or using the online helpdesk on SupportNet.
    Loads of useful documents and help on SupportNet solutions area and also on the forums, as well as here (where Matt lives ).
    I don't think you'll have any problems.
    Also, when it's a real humdinger, you'll cut out the middle man, and only have to do the troubleshooting once, direct with Capita.

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