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MIS Systems Thread, Moving Discover & SOLUS3 to a new server in Technical; I'm fully aware of the process involved in migrating SIMS from an old to new server. However, I'm not familiar ...
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    Moving Discover & SOLUS3 to a new server

    I'm fully aware of the process involved in migrating SIMS from an old to new server. However, I'm not familiar with the process for moving SOLUS3 and Discover to a new server. Is there any documentation provided by Capita on this subjest, or is anyone aware of the general process involved? I'm assuming due to the Setup of SOLUS3/Discover and where the S3 Agents & Discover clients point to, the new server should have the same name as the old server?

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    Discover, do an export, install Discover, do a transfer from SIMS, then import.

    SOLUS3... bit trickier, but basically backup\restore database, make sure you call the server the same or at least create a CNAME so the old server address points to the new server. I'll send you more detail notes on Monday. Few other bits you need to do.

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    We recently moved discover and solus 3 to a new server with a different name.

    Discover was fairly easy. We installed discover on the new server and moved the database across. Then on the client there is a config file for discover located at c:\program files\sims .net\discover, I can't remember the name of the file, but there is only a couple of config files to check and one has the database server's name and instance in, we used a startup script to find the old server name in the config file and replace it with the new servers name on the clients.

    Solus 3 was trickier, we detached the database and attached it on the new server and ran the installers. Then we launched the UI and changed the settings so everything pointed to the new server, on the clients there is a config file located at c:\prgram files\solus 3, and also a reg file which contains the name of the Solus server, again we updated these using a startup script through group policy. This all worked fine with the server and clients communicating properly.

    We did come across one problem with the move which was caused by Solus 3 being installed on the old sims server (we had moved sims to a new server before Christmas but hadn't updated Solus with the new settings). After the move Solus thought the old sims server was still managing the Solus UI so we couldn't remove it from the definitions for the sims server in Solus, we think this wouldn't have happened if we had uninstalled the Solus UI on the old server before stopping the services and detaching the database, or it may well have been a bug with our setup, either way it only came about because we moved both sims and Solus from the same server. We ended up with doing a fresh install of Solus and redistributing the clients.

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