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MIS Systems Thread, SIMS Late Report in Technical; Hello, I am looking to produce a report that has the students, firstname surname reg group UPN and number of ...
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    SIMS Late Report


    I am looking to produce a report that has the students, firstname surname reg group UPN and number of times that they were late for AM session but I can not do this anywhere!! I can produce a report that says how many minutes late they are for a lesson i.e perioid 1 but not a session (AM) If I go reports > lesson monitor > selected students > minutes late report then I get the info i need apart from the UPN is missing that I need in it.

    Any ideas welcomed!!

    Thank you!

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    i'm not sure which reports give upn, if any. maybe some of the official ones. you could push out the admission number or reg group and then drawn in the upn from a manual report using a lookup table in excel. not sure would need to look at the reports.

    as for the data, you should be able to get the number of lates easily enough, either by running a report on a chosen code and restricting what period / session it shows, or using one of the summary reports. I'm sure one of them shows the sessions only, though if you have a pm session this may total them.

    sorry can't be much help, in the middle of packing to go to bett show.

    worst case, use the report that almost works, run off your own report with first name, surname and reg group and upn, then match them with a lookup table. just make sure you do a small test with the attendance report to check if it's returning legal or preferred names, it should be legal, but i've got a feeling, it does legal of one, and preferred of the other, or something funny. If you get your manual report to match that, the lookup should work fine. sorry it's not what you want exactly, but would work around, until someone can suggest something better if it exists.

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    I have had to do something similar to this where i needed, surname, first name, reg, lates to AM only, I designed a report that gave me a count of how many times in a date range students had been late to AM. You should be able to add the UPD field as well, we also have filters for HOuse and reg so that we can really break down the reporting areas.

    The report then outputs to excel which gives me a count of number of lates. You can then filter to find what you want in our case we check on MOnday for the previous week to see who has 3 lates or more and then the approtiate action is taken.

    Let me know if you need any help designing the report.

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    This should do it:


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