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MIS Systems Thread, SOLUS Agent Flashing in Technical; Hi All We are running SOLUS 3 Agents (Version 3.4.64) on all our Citrix Servers. There appears to be a ...
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    SOLUS Agent Flashing

    Hi All

    We are running SOLUS 3 Agents (Version 3.4.64) on all our Citrix Servers.

    There appears to be a problem with the software where it causes the session to flash for about 20-30 seconds at launch. I'm presuming that its trying to check for an update.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Also is there a way to hide the SOLUS Agent? There isn't any need to have this on the Citrix Servers.



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    Normally it's only 3 secs if that, it's just whilst the s3 agent notifier loads. If I understand correctly, you should be ok just to remove it (just be warned, you won't get a nice message pop up when your upgrading and it will most likely reappear when you apply the next SOLUS3 upgrade (3.4.103) and every upgrade after that.

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    you could use a policy to stop that executable loading and when it comes to upgrade time just un apply the policy

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