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MIS Systems Thread, Configuration Profiles in Technical; Hi all, a member of staff here works across 3 sites in our federation and uses serco facility at each ...
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    Configuration Profiles

    Hi all, a member of staff here works across 3 sites in our federation and uses serco facility at each site (different schools). We have set her up with 3 desktop icons which point to each schools database and everything is working dandy, except Data storage of reports. On two of the sites the facility server shares the same name but obviously they are on separate domains so require different credentials for access. This means that whenever she changes sites we have to manually go through the database -> data store menus and change the path it uses to the local IP of the server and enter credentials again.

    What I'm wondering is if anyone knows how we could configure this for her automatically depending on which desktop icon she uses.

    Clear as mud i'm sure!

    Many thanks.

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    Maybe one for my good pal @michael2k6

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    I thought that setting was stored in the database, in which case i'm not sure as yet why you're having a problem. It would seem from your description that the setting is stored in either the CDB or the ini file (most likely in the ini) and so to get around your problem, you'd need to give the user 3 sets of 'clientfiles'. She must have 3 cdb's anyway, and she's got three shortcuts. Try checking the 'startin' path of each shortcut and pointing them at 3 different folders. In each of those folders put the relevant CDB file for that school. Set the setting in one file, and then close, and reopen the next shortcut with the other connection, and set it to the other correct server. Go back into the first one and see if the settings have remained independant.

    If that doesn't work or it's about as clear as mud feel free to PM me!


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