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MIS Systems Thread, SLASC in Technical; So I'm sure the subject makes it sound like I've been drinking too much but far from it it's about ...
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    So I'm sure the subject makes it sound like I've been drinking too much but far from it it's about the School Level Annual School Census.

    Apparently this year they are accemting XML files direct from our MIS. But I can't see an option to do this. Is this coming soon (I've not got the Autumn release installed by the way)? Is it somewhere hidden that I've missed?

    I've got a lovely E-mail about, and I've found the functionality to do the ISC as ASCIS (Or PLASC) returns but not SLASC...

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    Just had a look, can't find anything on SupportNet - then again, we don't support Independent schools so that could be why. I found: Registered Independent Schools (SLASC) - The Department for Education on the web. So your not drunk.

    If it's anything like the Catholic census it's based on your school details and it'll only become available if your the required school - so first check would be to check your setup correctly as a independent school in Focus > School > School details (I think - no SIMS to hand and I ain't loading the works laptop up just yet).

    Failing that ask Jim Haywood, he's Mr Census - sure @PhilNeal will be able to ask him for you. Hopefully it won't be like the first PRU census where you had to run a normal census then shake it about to get rid of bits then stick bits back on

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