The SEN dept. within my establishment requires a means of tracking SEN provisions/interventions in greater detail which can then help with in depth analysis requested by our LA. To give you an idea of the sort of detail required please see below:

- Creation of an inclusion register.
- Ability for all SEN dept. to track their own provisions/interventions.
- Automated review date reminders.
- Linking of staff to specific intervention mappings, including time & cost allocation.

We are currently trialling an option, whilst reviewing other 3rd party options that allow integration with CMIS. Do any schools out there do anything similar and if so, what? I have toyed with the idea of having a unique result entry template/UDFS to control the majority of the information, but due to the in depth features required, I'm not sure this is the best means.

The current method used for the recording of this data is Microsoft Excel (whilst also maintaining the statutory SEN data required for Census).