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MIS Systems Thread, Solus 3 in Technical; Hi Guys, We are planning on doing the SIMS Autumn Update on this friday 25th November, have come accross Solus ...
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    Solus 3

    Hi Guys,

    We are planning on doing the SIMS Autumn Update on this friday 25th November, have come accross Solus 3, we only really use Solus 2 to upgrade SIMS with the capita update 3 times a year.

    How do we update Solus 2, to Solus 3 just for the updates. I don't know that I have it right to be honest.

    Can anyone help me with understanding this?

    Hay x

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    Are you talking about upgrading the SOLUS 2 software to SOLUS3 then deploying updates via SOLUS 3? I think you need to contact SIMS about how you can get the SOLUS 3 software. We just had it installed here but thats because we have just been put back on SIMS. The only thing I can find online is this "Schools will have been sent information regarding the implementation of SOLUS 3" on the Capita website.

    Also if you are using SLG (Sims Learning Gateway) they are advising you do not take the Autumn Update until after Sat 26th because that is when they are updating the SLG platform.

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    Contact whoever supports your SIMS (normally either Capita or your LA).

    It's a separate install and it's worth doing if only for Discover, it is great if you can over come some of the teething problems. So long as you plan it right, you'll be fine.

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    Hopefully you didnt update, and if you did, you have no problems. It's currently been withdrawn to be patched.
    Unless you have a dedicated tech to manage SIMS with a lot of time to fiddle around, i wouldn't rush to get SOLUS 3 just yet. The biggest downside might be that you need to wait for each SIMS machine to upgrade itself after you upgrade the server using SOLUS 2. It's a lot less hassle.
    If you are interested in testing it out, you can download the files from Capita's SupportNet website, but as Matt said, it's worth checking with your support team first, so you know if they will support you with that if anything goes wrong.

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