I was wondering how people go about recording the work students have to do in detention. Each student is assigned an individual piece of work specified by the teacher putting the student in detention. I want to be able to record it then run a report to generate the student's name and the work they have to do to be handed out before the detention. This basically means Capita's generic "Homework, Other work" linked activities are useless.

Now the way I've worked out is when the behaviour incident is created you add a new "Note/Document" at the bottom and just fill in the Summary with "Detention Work" and the note with exactly what work I want completed. I can run a report to generate the information. However adding it here seems to be the most "faffy" part and I wondered if there was a better way.

I don't want the staff members to have to type out students names in anything, I need the work to mach to each student and I need to be able to run a report on it.

How do other people handle this?