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MIS Systems Thread, Moving SIMS/ FMS server in Technical; Has anyoen done this themselves (to a new server) is it quite simple?...
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    Moving SIMS/ FMS server

    Has anyoen done this themselves (to a new server) is it quite simple?

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    I'm no expert, but as long as your connect ini files point to the s: (or whatever drive you use) the client side is easy, if not, do both the connect and sims ini with xcopy scripts.

    Then for the db, if I remember correctly, do a dbattach backup pf both sims and fms, and run simsinst.exe on the new server, creating blank db's then restoring from the backups.

    I have never done it alone, so do not take my word as gospel, but someone here will have.


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    Yes, very simples, and basically as Ben said. Make sure the new server is fully patched. Stick on SQL, but then i would download the latest installable release from Capita. This has the benefit that it creates you a new clean setups folder and you only need to copy over the bits of the shared SIMS folder that you need, and the accumulated gumpf from over the years can be left behind. Then run the latest upgrade, also downloadable.

    Just make sure that if you change the name of the server that connect.ini local / remote are correct, also sims.ini. Lastly copy over your document store and rename as necessary. Also then configure SIMS to point to the new store.

    You'll need to open up the firewall on Server 2k8 as it's locked down. There is another thread or two, from around June/July most recently, with all the details, see if you can find it, else i'll post the URL when i get back from my meeting.

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