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MIS Systems Thread, Lesson Monitor in Technical; Hi All, After the summer upgrade our Attendance officer has informed me that when she has to edit a mark ...
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    Lesson Monitor

    Hi All,

    After the summer upgrade our Attendance officer has informed me that when she has to edit a mark for whatever reason when she clicks on the save it takes ages (as she puts it) well a couple of minutes to actually finish.

    I do understand that she has it open as the whole school and that it must write all the data back to SQL but surely it shouldn't take that long!

    Anyone have a similar issue and how did they solve it or is it a known issue?

    Her computer is Windows 7 pro dual core 4Gb Ram and has been great she tells me until this last Sims update.

    I will be looking into the full process between the client and SQL but thought I would just ask the question.

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm assuming use of the edit marks screen right?
    It always took me ages for the last few years if you are looking at a large range of data.
    I'm not on summer yet so you never know what fun that brings.
    I found to prevent crash outs, it was better to load them year at a time , which is a bit more clicking but less time wasted on crashes.
    If I filled in multiple year groups it would take a while to load, and be greyed out, then filling in grades and also saving was all laggy.

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    This has been an issue for a considerable time.

    We have reported it via Cases a number of times and increased the Attendance workstations spec to a ridiculously high standard. We are still trying to isolate the real cause but at this time of the year the problem is minimal.

    The problem is made worse by:-
    • Continual use throughout the day - we believe there is a 'memory' leak. It even crashes SIMS at times - especially later in the year.
    • Using Schoolcomms at the same time as editing a whole school (we do a final a check before sending off the first day Absence Texts).
    • Progression through the year as the Attendance part of the database gets bigger.

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